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FASTech strives to bring quality and professionalism to all projects. We believe that our quality comes from our strong customer record and our professionalism is demonstrated in our use of top industry experts and an involved executive staff.


What We offer

Network Services

The performance of a network depends not only on the quality of its components, but also on the quality of the physical network installation. FASTech installs only the best Category 5, Category 6, Gigabit and Fiber Optic cabling and components. Our experienced technicians have the licensing and expertise to handle any type of communications cabling including CAT3, CAT5, CAT5 Enhanced and single mode or multi-mode fiber optics. Whether you need one cable drop for your peer to peer network need to network a new office or addition, FASTech will get the job done right and on-time

FASTech has trained cabling system designers and installers on staff. Our designers and installers have extensive training in telecommunications design and installation, and are familiar with the latest cabling industry standards. For your peace of mind, we offer an extended warranty covering products, performance, installation and applications.

Helpdesk Support

FASTech provides Remedy HelpDesk support services. Frequently, our highly skilled employees work closely with developers to address our customers' individual support requirements. Our team is able to provide weekly reports provided a regressive analysis to day-one activities to that track metrics and provide trending analysis of project growth requirements.

Database Development

Our consultants are experts at helping organizations reengineer and migrate mission-critical applications to new environments. Whether your goal is to find stability in your application, add a new feature, extend features to the Web or simply "tweak" the existing system, FASTech can help transform legacy applications to modern solutions.

FASTech also has extensive experience working with organizations to develop business intelligence systems to help streamline business processes. Most business processes can be automated and thereby benefit from the easy to use, time-saving, self-documenting and omnipresent availability of electronic management systems.

Wireless Network

FASTech helps clients to plan, build, and run wireless LANs and WANs to achieve their borderless mobility and deliver seamless access. With wireless LAN services, clients can optimize infrastructure investment, improve operations and increase efficiency.

We provide solutions to a wide range of clients from small business to enterprise scale to governments as well. We offer a variety of wireless products to meet the needs such as, but not limited to the Access Point, Client Adapters/Software, Antennas, Wireless LAN controllers, Wireless Integrated Switches/Routers, Wireless Security Servers, and Broadband Wireless Access to name a few. On top of it, FASTech also offers full wireless solutions in Application Networking Services, Network Management and Automation.

Web Applications

Our Internet specialists will help you design and deploy secure high-performance Web applications for reporting, e-commerce, WWW presence and self-service information systems. Imagine the value of having your business information available virtually anywhere. FASTech can Web-enable your existing software applications - making them available on your intranet, extranet, or the Internet.

Cyber Security

Implement firewall technologies and Intrusion Detection Services to manage activity on Internet and local connections.

Perform intricate enterprise-wide Risk/Vulnerability Assessment Services.

Implement highly complex Information Security Infrastructure Analysis, Design and Administration.

Formulate Enterprise Security Plans and Implementation of Policies designed to improve protection across networks, servers and desktops while reducing complexity and cost.

Design Intrusion Detection Services that identify threats, leading to precautionary measures that ensure network protection.

Employ Internet monitoring systems that provide comprehensive network vulnerability assessment for measuring online security risks.

Physical Security

Closed Circuit TV FASTech sells and implements CCTV systems produced by leading CCTV manufacturers. Standard CCTV features on all these products include full redundancy with automatic failover and sophisticated algorithms for managing CCTV feeds. Our CCTV solutions support a wide variety of manufacturer camera-control protocols, compression algorithms, and recording formats. FASTech’s experienced technicians can customize a CCTV solution to meet any operational requirements, no matter how challenging.

Access Control Systems

Closed Circuit TV We will make sure that only scalable systems will be put in place, and utilize industry standards to guarantee maximum interoperability. We can even provide you with a "one-card fits all" solution. The same card that is used to access a building can be used to access a computer system, encrypt/decrypt email, logon to your Windows PC or work from home over a virtual private network. FASTech can provide this solution through a joint effort with leading security solution providers.

Intrusion Detection Services

Closed Circuit TV ASTech can provide motion detectors, glass break detectors, smoke detectors, door and window contacts, indoor sirens, and keypads to round-out your intrusion detection needs. All of our products are "top of the line," and our products' reliability and performance are unsurpassed.

Project Management

Define project scope, schedule, and budget. Coordinate multi-disciplinary teams to ensure project timeline, scope and budgets are met. Ensure project work is correctly documented. Provide regular reporting and technical reviews throughout life of project. Provide assistance to client management in developing strategies for project evaluation. Ensure compliance with project objectives.

Facilities Management

Utilize an asset-based computerized maintenance management system to turn facilities maintenance operation into a profit center. Track trends with comprehensive reports that allow for better decision making. Decrease costs, increase asset availability and life, and show how maintenance impacts the organization's bottom line. Identify set of requirements through Business Process Re-Engineering to increase efficiency. Provide Lean Six Sigma consulting to assist in building an effective infrastructure that lays the foundation for the successful implementation of Lean Six Sigma. Integrate design encompassing business process objectives, legacy systems interface/migration, and future scalability. Apply understanding of industry verticals and customer care processes. Perform Post-Implementation Maintenance and Training.

Healthcare Management

Analysis, Design and Integration of LAN

For Doctors Community Hospital located in Lanham, Maryland, FASTech provided analysis, design, and integration services for a major transition of the server environment from Novell to Windows. FASTech was responsible for providing systems analysis, LAN design and implementation, wireless network integration, and remote processing integration to DCH to assure a smooth and faultless transition.

Doctor's Community Hospital, Audiovisual Integration Project

Following assessment of the Hospital's interior and specific programmatic requirements, FASTech provided over 200 LG Hospital Grade LCDs along with Wall Mounts and PC Holders to the Doctor's Community Hospital. The FASTech Team quickly and professionally procured all requisite equipment (software and hardware), and provided installation and comprehensive training to all requisite hospital staff. All of the equipment was procured with extensive warranties; FASTech also worked with the Hospital to develop a comprehensive annual maintenance and service contract for the equipment with services provided by FASTech's engineers within dedicated response times. The equipment was installed in Patient Rooms and Nurse Stations throughout the hospital which required excellent communication with both the Hospital's Facilities Management Department and individual offices and practices to ensure that there was no interruption to patients' care.

Howard County General Hospital, Digital Signage LCD Upgrade - Installation & Annual Maintenance

The FASTech Team provided expert consultation to the Howard County General Hospital for the upgrading of the Hospital's internal viewing stations with digital signage. FASTech provided upgrades to the Hospital's viewing stations with Digital Signage LCDs along with Wall Mounts and annual preventative maintenance and service contracts. The equipment was out of the box and provided with full warranties. The services are performed by dedicated engineers and within a contractually stipulated time frame of less than 3 hours. The FASTech Team performed the installation throughout the Hospital and continues to provide Annual Maintenance for all of the digital signage displays.

Contract Vehicles

GSA Schedule 70 Contract

FASTech’s GSA Schedule GS-35F-0326L provides federal customers with the products, services, and programs to meet their needs for the purchase of general purpose commercial information technology equipment, software licenses, maintenance, and other IT related products and services. Customers can order from FASTech’s GSA Schedule 70 (GS-35F-0326L) by logging on to GSA Advantage. Customers wishing to view FASTech's SIN 132-51 Labor Categories and Rates can do so by clicking on the following LINK to LABOR RATES.

GSA 8(a) STARS Contract

FASTech's GSA 8(a) Streamlined Technology Acquisition Resources for Services (STARS) GWAC is a small business set-aside contract for technology solutions. This new contract vehicle is a replacement contract for the current 8(a) FAST small business contract scheduled to expire October 31, 2004. The 8(a) STARS GWAC is a total IT solutions contract allowing for combinations of hardware, software and IT services with simplified ordering process. The 8(a) STARS GWAC allows for SOLE SOURCE directed orders up to the 8(a) threshold of $3 million, passing along socio-economic credits to client agencies. Task Orders under 8(a) STARS are non-protestable except for scope, maximum order limitation or period of performance. Under 8(a) STARS, Section 803 is satisfied. FASTech, Inc. was selected to perform work under the following Functional Areas defined by the 2002 NAICS codes:


Contracting Agency : General Services Administration (GSA)

Contract Period : 1 June 2004 - 31 May 2007 with two 2-year Option Periods

Contract Number : GS-06F-0211Z

Budget Guidelines : $15 billion PROGRAM Ceiling, No Individual Contract Limit

Eligibility : Government-wide use


In June, 2003, the Federal Aviation Administration announced the award of its Broad Information Technology and Telecommunications Services Contract (BITS II) to the FASTech Team. This contract follows the BITS Contract that was originally issued in 1998. Like BITS, BITS II is a Government Wide Acquisitions Contract (GWAC) available to ALL federal government agencies. The intent of BITS II is to provide federal government customers full service one-stop support in acquiring quality and cost-effective IT and telecommunications services from small businesses. The BITS II Contract includes a base year and seven optional years, for a possible total of eight years on the contract. FASTech's selection stems from our effectiveness in forging a team of small businesses that have excelled in providing IT solutions related to the eleven task areas identified in the contract.

What is BITS II?

BITS II is an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) fixed ceiling contract designed to provide Information Technology and Telecommunications services to the Federal Aviation Administration as well as ALL of the other agencies of the federal government. The contract encompasses the following 11 major areas of support:

Program Management Training
System Engineering and Design Data Analysis and Data Management
Systems Development Systems Procurement
Emerging Technologies Security
Telecommunications and IT Systems and Support Risk Assessment and Disaster and Contingency Planning
Software Development

Why should I use BITS II?

BITS II enables government agencies to acquire information technology services and solutions quickly and economically. Customers can direct the award of a contract to FASTech Inc. without further competition. The BITS II contract is so efficient that in most cases, as long as a well-defined SOW and the appropriate documentation and funding are provided, Task Orders can be issued within 15 days. In addition, because BITS II contract awards are limited to small businesses and socially and economically disadvantaged businesses, BITS II can help your organization to meet its small business procurement goals.

How do I use BITS II?

The BITS II Task order process is as follows: First, a U.S. Government Agency customer submits a Statement of Work and all supporting contractual documentation to the BITS II Program Office at the Federal Aviation Administration. Second, the BITS II Program Office works with the customer to review and revise the Task Order, as necessary. Third, the BITS-II Contracting Officer requests a work plan from the contractor. Fourth, the contractor submits a work plan to the Contracting Officer. Finally, the Contracting Officer reviews the work plan and approves the Task Order.


The Federal Aviation Administration entered into multiple Master Ordering Agreements (MOAs) with Small Businesses, 8(a), Women-Owned, Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Businesses (SEDB) to provide comprehensive management, engineering and technical support services. eFAST is a multi-year MOA program offering a wide array of labor categories with fixed ceiling rates. eFAST is the FAA's preferred acquisition vehicle for fulfilling Agency Small Business goals.

FAA eFAST Benefits

Functional Areas

Maryland CATS II

Maryland CATS(Consulting and Technical Services) II

FASTech has been a strong participant in the CATS program since its the first CATS I award in 2005. In 2009, CATS II began providing concurrent contracting opportunities to provide continuity of service. The objective of this contract vehicle (effective June 1, 2009 through May 31, 2014) is to enable State government to procure IT consulting and technical services in a timely and economical manner. Through CATS II, the State has a flexible means of obtaining information technology (IT) resources quickly, efficiently and cost effectively by issuing task orders specific to its needs. As a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with strong past performances at State of Maryland Judiciary, Administration of the Courts, and Register of Wills, our professionals offer expertise and experience. Our proven capabilties, include: help desk services, custom database and application support, and other technical services.

FASTech was awarded the following functional areas for this vehicle

CATS Functional Areas
1Enterprise Service Provider
2Web and Internet Systems
3Electronic Document Management
4Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
5Software Engineering
6Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance
7Information System Security
8Application Service Provider
10IT Management Consulting Services

Functional Area 1

Enterprise Service Provider (ESP). Services to ensure that information systems are designed to capitalize on agency architectures and State IT standards, provide interoperability with other systems and networks, be reliable and maintainable, and make the most cost-effective use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology and agency-wide and government-wide resources.

Functional Area 2

Web and Internet Systems. A broad range of business solutions and support using the capabilities of the web and Internet; design, develop, test, implement and maintain web sites, portals, web applications and web services and the associated hardware, software, network and security components that comprise these solutions.

Functional Area 3

Electronic Document Management. Service to establish or maintain electronic document imaging, document management, document workflow, and associated technologies.

Functional Area 4

Geographical Information Systems. Service to integrate, store, edit, analyze and display geographically-referenced information in a client/server or web-based environment.

Functional Area 5

Software Engineering. Service to provide full life cycle of a software system development. Process definition; requirements management (project planning, quality assurance, project tracking and oversight, organizational process focus); software metrics; software process assessments; software capability evaluations; software project management; software certification; software validation and verification; open systems; software architecture; software reengineering; software reuse; component-based software; software security; supervising software configuration management; and CASE tools.

Functional Area 6

Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance. Systems/Facilities Management and Maintenance services include: Data Center Technical Support/Operations, and Help Desk. At the State's discretion, these services may be required to be provided externally to the requesting agency.

Functional Area 7

Information System Security. The security of information and computing resources at all organizational levels; including software/application and data security support, as well as disaster recovery planning and risk assessment.

Functional Area 8

Application Service Provider. Combination of software, hardware and networking technologies to offer hosted, service-based applications.

Functional Area 10

IT Management Consulting Services. The IT Management Consulting Services include any of the following types of services: IT enterprise architecture, systems review for architectural consistency, strategic planning assistance, project management services, Master Contractor assessments and risk assessment analysis.

State and Local

FASTech has extensive experience servicing the IT needs of the State of Maryland, Commonwealth of Virginia, and the District of Columbia government agencies, as well as numerous Local and Municipal government agencies. The State of Maryland has certified FASTech as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority has certified FASTech as a Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (LDBE). FASTech is certified by the Maryland Department of Transportation (Certification No. 97-140) as a Minority and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (Asian American) providing information technology related products and services. Recently, FASTech has applied for the addition of roofing and waterproofing related SIC codes to the existing MBE certification.

Some of FASTech's State and Local clients include:

  • Maryland COTS 2012
  • Maryland Commercial Hardware 2012 Master Contract
  • Maryland Department of Transportation (SHA, MVA, MTA, MDTA, MPA)
  • Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
  • University of Maryland (UMCP, UMBC, UMUC)
  • State of Maryland (OPD, MCHR, DHMH, SRA, OMA)
  • Howard County Bureau of Highways
  • Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
  • Anne Arundel County Public Schools
  • Montgomery County Department of Public Safety
  • Baltimore City Public Schools
  • Baltimore City Mayor's Office


FASTech, Inc. is pleased to announce our status as a Prime Contractor for SEWP V.

Contract NumberNNG15SC70B
Contract TypeFFP, IDIQ
Period of PerformanceTBD – October 31, 2024

Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) V is the fifth installment of NASA’s multi-award Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) offering the widest range of IT product solutions including hardware, software, and product based services to assist Federal Agencies meet technical and interoperability needs. SEWP offers pre-competed contracts, ensuring that Contractor products, services, and solutions represent best value to buying Agencies. Customers can rest assured that the fast and easy ordering process combined with the low costs that made SEWP IV so successful will carry over into SEWP V. In addition, with greater emphasis on areas such as supply chain management and compliance standards, Agencies will be equipped with the information they need to support strategic IT purchases.

For additional information and resources pertaining to SEWP, please CLICK HERE to visit the SEWP Website.


As a multi-award GWAC, SEWP houses over 70 prime contract holders, both manufacturers and resellers of IT equipment, based on full and open competition. The contract was awarded in 4 contract groups (Groups A, B, C, and D). All awards were multi-award contracts under which Fair Opportunity (FAR 16.505(b)) must be given to all contractors in a group.

Contacts Information



SEWP Helpline




Chae Chong

301-931-2001 x377



Benje Middlebrooks

301-931-2001 x376