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Visitor Management System


G-BADGE is a visitor management solution, which rapidly produces temporary disposable or photo quality badges in seconds, while simultaneously storing a digital capture of visitor information, photo and ID card in a database for easy retrieval. The badges create an audit trail on every visitor, up to 1,000,000 visitor activities, and can be queried by predefined fields, such as visitor type, badge type, destination, vehicle, etc. A system administrator can easily customize the "user-definable" data entry fields and forms to meet the specific visitor management requirements relevant to the organization.

G-BADGE is ideal for use in government, military, and commercial facility where visitor management is an essential part of the overall strategy to improve security. G-BADGE is a choice system for facility security team, as it is the most cost-effective, efficient way of implementing and managing (real time tracking) the transient nature of the visitors. Managers and Security Officers do not need to learn new technologies since G-BADGE employs current desktop technologies. G-BADGE can accommodate both small and large facilities, as it is easily scalable and expandable.

  • Automatic Reader eliminates manual data entry
  • One-click sign-in includes Visitor Information, Photo, ID Capture and printed Badge
  • Fast Badge Creation - in less than 30 seconds!
  • Searchable Database for easy retrieval of specific visitor activity
  • Customizable Management Reports
  • Customizable badge based on visitor type, day of the week, etc.
  • Disposable economical or photo quality badges, and vehicle passes
  • Ability to integrate with other media, biometric readers and access controllers


ID Scanner
ID Scanner to capture and transfer drivers license information to database
Barcode Reader
Barcode reader captures Check-In/Check-Out events
Thermal Printer
Pre-configured to print Adhesive or Non-Adhesive badge with ID photo and information


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