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    Physical Security

    Closed Circuit TV

    CCTV A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a video magnification system consisting of a video screen interfaced with a video camera. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems allow operators to monitor and record television images for a variety of purposes, including security, surveillance, and safety.

    FASTech sells and implements CCTV systems produced by leading CCTV manufacturers. Standard CCTV features on all these products include full redundancy with automatic failover and sophisticated algorithms for managing CCTV feeds. Our CCTV solutions support a wide variety of manufacturer camera-control protocols, compression algorithms, and recording formats. FASTech’s experienced technicians can customize a CCTV solution to meet any operational requirements, no matter how challenging.

    Access Control Systems

    access control images Physical access control systems should satisfy a wide range of needs. Whether it is to control one door in a single building or hundreds of doors in multiple buildings over an expansive geographic area, FASTech can supply the system that meets your requirements, backed with uncompromising customer service and support. This may include one-factor authentication (an electronic key), two factor authentication (PIN/password) or three factor authentication (biometrics such as a fingerprint). Our main objective is to offer peace of mind, as well as safety and security for all employees.

    We will make sure that only scalable systems will be put in place, and utilize industry standards to guarantee maximum interoperability. We can even provide you with a "one-card fits all" solution. The same card that is used to access a building can be used to access a computer system, encrypt/decrypt email, logon to your Windows PC or work from home over a virtual private network. FASTech can provide this solution through a joint effort with leading security solution providers.

    Intrusion Detection Services

    alarm products
    FASTech can provide motion detectors, glass break detectors, smoke detectors, door and window contacts, indoor sirens, and keypads to round-out your intrusion detection needs. All of our products are "top of the line," and our products' reliability and performance are unsurpassed.


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