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Fort Myer Military Community

Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, Directorate of Information Management (DOIM) Support

Since 2006, FASTech, Inc., as a partner of A-Tech Systems, Inc., has been working on a major contract from the Directorate of Information Management (DOIM) to provide the entire Fort Myer Military Community (FMMC) with technical analysis and daily operational support services.

FASTech, Inc. was honored to have been awarded the opportunity to provide services to such high-level commands as the Joint Forces Headquarters/US Army Military District of Washington (JFHQ/MDW); National Defense University, Inter-American Defense College, Garrison Headquarters; Fort Myer; Fort McNair; and the Marine Corps Community Services, Henderson Hall.

Our highly-qualified technicians provide both on-site and remote Phone Support, Website Development, Desktop Support Services for software and hardware, Network Monitoring, and many other services for some of the highest ranking personnel in the entire armed forces. Technicians are available to: answer questions and provide over-the-phone integration / configuration instructions; perform hardware repairs for desktops, servers, laptops and printers; resolve software issues on all iterations of Windows Desktop OS, Office Productivity Software and Client Messaging Software; provide Network Support including managing groups and network policies; and provide hardware, software and network component testing, imaging, configuration and installation.

FASTech, Inc. played a major role in the development of the Ft. Myer Website, including providing the following services:
  • Publishing new content (policies, calendar items and other key documents)
  • Troubleshooting and resolving issues with website to ensure its security, functioning and compliance
  • Providing web server recommendations to FMMC and DOIM to enhance continuity of web service support
  • Supporting internal and external sites with respect to the FMMC public affairs, events, and web training applications
  • Installation, testing, and training for the use of new servers and applications, or other modifications.

FASTech, Inc. network services include monitoring and maintaining all infrastructure hardware and software on both the network and servers with monitoring tools such as MS SMS. Our company performs routine server tasks such as capacity testing, validation and performance tuning and maintenance of the Active Directory structure.

FASTech, Inc. also identifies information bottlenecks and storage needs and makes recommendations for new equipment, storage methods and applications to the COR. Additionally, we provide support that assists major projects critical to FMMC. These projects include: exchange migration and installing and building servers such as Spam, Blackberry, Library, SMS, Web, File, VPN, Application, Print, WHSUS and Cisco.


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