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    Healthcare Management

    Analysis, Design and Integration of LAN

    Doctors Community Hospital
    For Doctors Community Hospital located in Lanham, Maryland, FASTech provided analysis, design, and integration services for a major transition of the server environment from Novell to Windows. FASTech was responsible for providing systems analysis, LAN design and implementation, wireless network integration, and remote processing integration to DCH to assure a smooth and faultless transition.

    Doctor's Community Hospital, Audiovisual Integration Project

    monitor graphics

    Following assessment of the Hospital's interior and specific programmatic requirements, FASTech provided over 200 LG Hospital Grade LCDs along with Wall Mounts and PC Holders to the Doctor's Community Hospital. The FASTech Team quickly and professionally procured all requisite equipment (software and hardware), and provided installation and comprehensive training to all requisite hospital staff.

    All of the equipment was procured with extensive warranties; FASTech also worked with the Hospital to develop a comprehensive annual maintenance and service contract for the equipment with services provided by FASTech's engineers within dedicated response times. The equipment was installed in Patient Rooms and Nurse Stations throughout the hospital which required excellent communication with both the Hospital's Facilities Management Department and individual offices and practices to ensure that there was no interruption to patients' care.

    Howard County General Hospital, Digital Signage LCD Upgrade - Installation & Annual Maintenance

    The FASTech Team provided expert consultation to the Howard County General Hospital for the upgrading of the Hospital's internal viewing stations with digital signage. FASTech provided upgrades to the Hospital's viewing stations with Digital Signage LCDs along with Wall Mounts and annual preventative maintenance and service contracts.

    The equipment was out of the box and provided with full warranties. The services are performed by dedicated engineers and within a contractually stipulated time frame of less than 3 hours. The FASTech Team performed the installation throughout the Hospital and continues to provide Annual Maintenance for all of the digital signage displays.


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